Samantha Ronson Defends Lindsay Lohan On Twitter

Actress Lindsay Lohan has been the focal point of the headlines as of late because of her recent jail sentencing and the controversial art work seen on her nails. Joan Rivers recently took to Twitter to slam Lohan, but Samantha Ronson has come to the aid of her ex girlfriend in a series of tweets of her own.
“Lindsay Lohan is so dumb,” Rivers tweeted. “Her idea of being sworn in is cursing at the judge.” She continues: “Lindsay Lohan had ‘F— you’ painted on her nails. What people don’t know is that the judge had ‘Eat me you party sk—,’ painted on hers.” Quick to respond, Ronson, who obviously still cares for Lohan tweeted back: “Hey Joan Rivers. You have collagen older than Lindsay, pick on someone your own age, oh wait I guess people that old can’t hear.”
Despite all her pleading it does appear that the troubled Mean Girls star is heading to jail. Last week her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley decided that representing her was no longer in his best interest and quit, forcing the Lohan camp to look for a new lawyer. They have found one and beginning immediately Lohan will be represented by Chicago criminal defense attorney Stuart V, Goldberg.

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