After marriage)

After marriage)
Many people and am not saying that all of us am just talking about Category of people that have
such feeling after marriage .felling that marriage is the end of every good thing no more
freedom and taking responsibility and they see that marriage is exactly like prison .
once they get married they forget his soul mate   his wife and start to act with her as
she were Prison guard so he became unhappy and am saying to these people if you just can change
these ideas. After(marriageyou shall become one flesh; sounds like partners,
you have now become united. so after (marriage) you are each other’s companions,
each others best friend, each others lover, and each other’s support,
 (After marriage  husband and a wife are joined together there is unity.
 Unity is a state of togetherness, wholeness, and completeness.
It’s a tandem working in harmony. A tandem is described as a group of two or more,
arranged one behind the other, or used or acting in conjunction.
 Marriage is two half   the wife is a half of the unity. Husbands,
 wives, are you seeing this? You are not to be acting separately toward your own personal goals;
 you are not singles any more after (marriage) both of you seeking to the benefit of the whole.
 You cannot operate together with singular intentions. This brings up the question,
 are you working together in your relationship? Honestly answering this may give you some
 insight into any dysfunctional areas of your (marriage).and if you get the ability to change
 your wrong insights about marriage you will live very happy life.

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